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Demon X
Chapter,5, Truth
----- “The cost of love is priceless, until the end I will be right here waiting for you..”--
“So you see, there are different levels of demons, Yoko was trained along with other men who hunt and kill these monsters if needed, Yoko and them are known as Samurai.” Zero said as Hitome rapped Yoko’s wound. “hum…you didn’t tell me that Yoko!” she laughed.  “Blah….would you just hurry up!” he yelled.  Zero sighed and walked away to pick up the church a little.
“Blah, Zeros a jerk don’t trust him!” Yoko smirked. “…Oh Yoko he seemed fine to me!” she tied the bandage to tight. “OW!”  Yoko fell over. “ah! S-sorry!” she gasped.
  “….Dang it!”  Yoko mumbled as he leaned back in the bench and watched Hitome over by Zero. “Grr…..Dang it….he took Hitome….and my sandwich!” he smi
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Chibi Zepher by Demon--X Chibi Zepher :icondemon--x:Demon--X 1 0 Yoko2 by Demon--X Yoko2 :icondemon--x:Demon--X 3 7
DemonX,Ch4,Battle of Blood
Demon X
Chapter,4, Battle of Blood
-----”Some times I can hear the very voice of the wind as it rushes past me….it whispers…..your name..”--
   Hitome and Zero walked until they got to the park where Yoko jumped down out of a tree “The aura….its gone..” Zero gasped inside. “Hitome where the heck have you been!?” Yoko yelled. “I had are lunch, then you vanished!” Hitome said. “Grr…well? Where is my lunch!?” ‘Uhg! Heh w-well…I shared it with my new friend, Oh yeah I want you to meet him!” Hitome smiled. ‘What you---rrrr…’
  “….” Zero slowly walked towards them, his eyes covered by shadows. “Hello good sir….are you the one…the one who killed that demon?” he asks looking to Yoko, who’s eyes suddenly widened his heart almost stopped.  “W-who are you?!” Yoko gasped. “I’m no one, To you that is.”
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DemonX,Ch3, Sub Zero
Demon X
Chapter,3, Sub Zero
------------- “There are demons…and then there are demons…”
“…..People change as time goes by, why do people change?…change…and….also…die..”
   Yoko sit on top Hitome’s roof top, she had invited him to stay with her for a little. “Yoko, are you there?” Hitome’s soft voice asked, as he walked out on the balcony porch.  “Yeah…I’m here….” he said not even glancing at her.
  “I’ve made you some rice balls!” she smiled. “….” Yoko slowly turned to her and slid and jumped of the roof and landed on his feet safely beside her. Hitome was finely getting used to Yoko being different.
  “haha…..this city still smells like it did four years ago!” he smirked as he took on of the balls of the plate and begin eating it. “…Uhm… Lord Yoko…I was wondering….why do yo
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DemonX,Ch2, Chains
Demon X
Chapter,2, Chains
That Same day she still just stood there for a moment silence…..then all of a sudden the ground begin to shake! “What’s that!?” she gasped “Grrr ___it  a  Demon leve5!” Yoko yelled. ‘Do What!?” she screams. HUH?! a huge monster jumps out as the ground begin to crack open! “ahhhhhhh!?“ Hitome gasped.
The monster stood on all fours and had very large fangs .‘Help!’ Hitome yelled. “hahah No one can save you now!” the monster laughs ‘isn’t that right Yoko-Sama? Hahaha!“ Yoko looked down as the monster runs after Hitome! “Ahg!!’ Gasped and ran! Yoko felt a tug “ahg!” he gasped.
“Hit-ome HITOME!!!!!!!”  Yoko screamed in pane as he tried to move recalling her words….
    ‘I'll help a rice just call me Hitome then! Hehe.’
‘ HITOME!!’  Yoko yelled &
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     Chapter,1, Hitome and Yoko-Sama!
  Years later.........................Today day ,In the towns high school , The 11th grade class takes notes. “Thus the Samurai, Yoko-sama attacked his love Lady Kugaruge, She defended her self and  Yoko-sama was sentenced to death, its said that Yoko's body still remains chained to the very tree they tied him to in the woods, not to far from here.” the teacher states. “
   “Wow! no way!” said a boy in the class the teachers eyes narrowed “yes way!” she smirked. “But Mrs. Tieema why did he attack her didn't he love her?!” a girl asked, “Good question Hitome, They say he was possessed.” she says “oh I bet Yoko's body is still there all nasty and rotten!“ an boy smiled evilly trying to see what the girls would do.
   “Ewww!” Hitome gasped. “that’s enough! Ok that’s all for now sch
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  Demon X
Prolog, Until death do we part.......
                                   ....Opening to Demon X
------ “Why do people think like they do? Yet in the end…they are the first ones to ask for something….”
                      Pitch black sky, the yellow moon shining thru the dark abyss, as a man panicked running about “Yoko-sama!” the man cried, running inside a black tent.
   In side there stood a man with long gray hair pulled back to top his head, he had on a red and blue kimono with black arm
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Bara_wings by Chicharo Bara_wings :iconchicharo:Chicharo 2,142 377 New Dx Character-Paint by TNE90 New Dx Character-Paint :icontne90:TNE90 1 0
DemonX First Look
Our story starts with a young man, a samurai or more known as demon tamer, betrays his lover and everything he knows, people who care for him, family, and group he works under, being sealed to death, and tired to a tree his body now cursed with a mark that cannot be removed.Only wile in truth he was the one betrayed!
  Meanwhile, the one said to be the original downfall of the family lives his life alone and cursed by other means, when he finds out of Yoko’s betrayal he plains his own revenge.
A few long years pass, but stops then a young girl named Hitome and bearing the same last name as Yoko’s true betrayer walks upon him, he awakens, they meet and become friends, she helps him, and he opens her eyes to an amazing and fantastic world of monsters, and creatures unlike anything she’d ever seen, but also this puts her at risk. And what will happen when Yoko’s revenge seeking brother encounters them?
Yoko is th
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Human Yoko-Uncolored by TNE90 Human Yoko-Uncolored :icontne90:TNE90 2 0 Saito Again by TNE90 Saito Again :icontne90:TNE90 3 0 DemonX-Prolog page5 by TNE90 DemonX-Prolog page5 :icontne90:TNE90 2 0 DemonX-Prolog page 6-7 by TNE90
Mature content
DemonX-Prolog page 6-7 :icontne90:TNE90 2 8
DemonX-Prolog page8 by TNE90 DemonX-Prolog page8 :icontne90:TNE90 2 6 DemonX-Prolog page 9 by TNE90 DemonX-Prolog page 9 :icontne90:TNE90 1 0 DemonX-Prolog page 10 by TNE90 DemonX-Prolog page 10 :icontne90:TNE90 2 2 DemonX-Prolog page 11 by TNE90 DemonX-Prolog page 11 :icontne90:TNE90 2 0 DemonX-Prolog page 12 by TNE90 DemonX-Prolog page 12 :icontne90:TNE90 2 4 DemonX- Page 13 Prolog End by TNE90 DemonX- Page 13 Prolog End :icontne90:TNE90 2 0 DemonX-Ch1Title-page14-uncolor by TNE90 DemonX-Ch1Title-page14-uncolor :icontne90:TNE90 3 0
My heart my mind my being my soul….
  I now say to you that I must go,
  For shall I falter Christ will know,
and pick be up from the earth below…
Now I walk a cloudy path,
    None shall forsake me or face his wrath.
I lay down upon  a dark covered cot,
I say a prayer had I never forgot….
Take my heart take my soul, for with you I’ll always go,
With my hand in yours a walk though fire, I swim rivers
And I walk for miles….I thank you for this and all your gifts.
  I lay my head down to rest, I pray Lord will bless…
My heart my mind my being my soul….as I go,
  For shall I falter? only Christ will know,
and be picked up from the earth below…
And in the end lands be covered by a white blanket of snow….
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DemonX-Prolog-Page4 by TNE90 DemonX-Prolog-Page4 :icontne90:TNE90 4 2



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